Allicock’s ‘chin held high’ after questionable Pan Am defeat

Guyana’s Kevin Allicock lands blows against Uruguayan Lucas Fernandes at 18th Pan American games in Lima, Peru. GUYANA’S Keevin Allicock will keep his head high and move forward with his career despite his questionable loss to Uruguayan Lucas Fernandes at 18th Pan American Games in Lima, Peru.

Allicock, supported by a large local crowd, lost the three-round fight after the judges ruled in favour of the Uruguayan 3-2.

He told media officials there, “I really wanted to bring back the gold medal for my country (Guyana) but I can’t let this keep me down, I have to keep moving forward.”

“I feel bad but you can’t change it because the judges’ decision is final. Every round he (Fernandes) was getting hurt because I was pressuring him,” he added “My plan was to keep pressuring him and that is what I did and I thought it worked but the judges didn’t. Even the crowd thought I won I just got to put my best foot forward and keep at it,” Allicock further posited.

Meanwhile coach Terrence Poole MS recapped the fight, saying, “They (The judges) were probably in a different arena watching a different fight because Keevin clearly won the fight, from round one to three. He was holding onto Keevin throughout the fight because he couldn’t keep up with the pressure.”

The result cannot be appealed because appeals will be in effect after world championship later this year in Russia.

Earlier in the day Guyana’s women’s squash team registered their first win in the tournament after sweeping local ladies Peru 3-0.

Meanwhile, Badminton duo Narayan and Priyana Ramdhani lost two hard-fought games as they both went down 2-0 in the women’s and men’s singles. They also lost the mixed doubles to Cuba.