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Haiti hires firm with ties to Clinton to help in Trump?s Washington

The government of Haiti, so cash-strapped that its teachers are going unpaid, has retained a high-powered, top-dollar international PR firm with ties to a former member of Hillary Clinton?s staff to boost the country?s image in Washington.

The hiring of Mercury Public Affairs has raised uncomfortable questions on the island about the use of limited resources amid a reported budget deficit and customs strike that has paralyzed the country in recent weeks.

During the popular Saturday political talk show Ranmase in Port-au-Prince, Haitian political analyst Auguste D’Meza ripped into the government for spending taxpayer dollars to ?ameliorate its image in Washington” instead of creating jobs.

?PR for what?? Sabine Guerrier, who handled international relations for opposition presidential candidate Jean-Charles Moïse, told McClatchy. ?Instead, of spending money on public relations in the U.S., why not spend the money so teachers can get paid. Why are you not spending the money on roads, schools, infrastructure??


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