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Grant amnesty to Britain’s black immigrants


It is time that we call a spade a spade. A spade was a derogatory term for a black person back in the day in Britain. Fast-forward and some members of the group called the Windrush Generation who were invited to help to rebuild Britain after the devastation of the World Wars face deportation.

Roberto Pocaterra

A petition is being prepared for the British Parliament in this regard as daily, people who entered Britain as children find themselves facing deportation.These are people who regard Britain as home, who have grown up there, married and have children and grandchildren. The politics of the white supremacists is prevailing

Our governments have been very tardy in taking action, but I believe they are moving at last. Many of the groups campaigning over the matter in Britain are asking for amnesty for the group of people in question, thus stopping the deportation

Our diaspora policies and politics need to be on top of these situations. Immigration lawyers in the United Kingdom and the United States have to provide leadership as we face a time when it has become clear that people of colour are unwelcome in Britain and the USA

Let’s organise ourselves to secure our rights


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