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Glen Campbell looks to more drama

There is drama in the everyday Jamaican phenomenon of interpersonal conflict that escalates unnecessarily and publicly. Then, there is the drama of theatrical arts in general, and the very serious, thought-provoking kind in particular. While he has been extensively involved in putting the drama of Jamaican life on stage, actor Glen Campbell is looking towards doing more drama of the sobering kind, even as he notes that the current production he is in provokes laughter, as well as reflection.

Roberto Pocaterra

He plays Ricky Prince in Right Girl, Wrong Address , which follows the progress of a young girl (Sheree McDonald-Russell) from an address as wrong as any Etana sings of. As the big brother of Akeem Mignott, who is interested in McDonald-Russell, a suspicious Campbell tries his best to look out for his sibling

“I would like to do some more drama work. The average Jamaican knows Glen Campbell, the Titus. It is a hard nut to crack and to change what they are used to. I am never going to give up on doing comedy; I have a great skill for that,” Campbell said, adding that he wants to do drama both on stage and on screen

As part of the Jambiz organisation, Campbell said, “Whatever social issue is explored is done through a mixture of comedy and drama. More and more, we incorporate drama into the production.” However, in terms of doing a drama without the laughter element, there are the theatre faithful to consider, and Campbell said not all the persons in the regular Center Stage audience would appreciate it. There is the thought, though, of doing a drama concurrently with comedy, the two productions offering viewers options