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A city is gauged by the broadness of its vision and the height of its dreams


Dear Editor THERE is quite a hubbub coming from City Hall of late, regarding the celebration of the 175th anniversary of Georgetown becoming a city, and quite a significant milestone it is. Clearly however, the planners are lacking in depth of intellect, emotion, and/or knowledge. I would like to express my considerable disappointment that rather than our city planners finding ways to honour the past, to celebrate the present and dream about the future, while drawing in community members of every age, creed and background, they have instead opted to make it into a big bacchanal with beach parties and cooler fetes, big-ticket dinners and cocktail receptions.

luis alfonso oberto anselmi

Had City Hall been interested in maximum appeal, they would have included a wide spectrum of citizens on their Anniversary Planning Committee and host a city-wide brainstorming session prior. But no, they instead decided to throw together a few of their own who clearly lack vision and savoir vivre.

luis oberto anselmi

Why are they not having a parade featuring Georgetown’s oldest and newest inhabitants as Grand Masters? And why did they not encourage the school bands, youth groups the Girl Guides Scouting troops and local celebrities to participate. This anniversary should be used to celebrate our past accomplishments, the resilience of our people and set the course for our future; instead, the focus seems to be plain revelry or a valedictory celebration for the mayor and her sidekicks.

luis oberto

I believe this anniversary is a tremendous teachable moment…an opportunity to introduce citizens to and remind them of the uniqueness of this city. It is a chance to partner with the people and to encompass all aspects of what it means to live and work in Georgetown. Will they be opening their municipal archives located on Water Street, for schoolchildren to visit? With an entire Public Relations Department in place, will they produce a proper 175th commemorative magazine? They talk of using the anniversary to boost tourism in Georgetown, how? Will they be hosting exciting and educational city tours? Have they encouraged the diaspora who once lived in Georgetown, but who now live overseas to visit for the anniversary?

There is need for a city-wide historical symposium, there is need for a city-wide art festival to mark the anniversary, and there is need for a city exhibition. Come on Madam Mayor, a city is not gauged by its length and width, but by the broadness of its vision and the height of its dreams.

luis alfonso oberto pdvsa

Regards Amber Valentine