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Mangalie, Jaggessar bring $100K franchise league


The duo of former national cricketer Rajendra Mangalie and businessman Sudesh Jaggessar has combined again for the betterment of cricket in this country and is now taking it a step further by setting up a franchise local Twenty20 (T20) league, called the Mangalie Trading/Jaggessar Group Premier League.

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This is the second venture that they are getting into this year as currently they have a T20 league carrying a first prize of $20,000. Mangalie, speaking to Guardian Media, revealed that a tournament committee has already been put in place to bring off what is expected to be the biggest tournament on the domestic scene.

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“This franchise tournament is carrying a first prize of $100,000. We are going to take in only eight teams and business people will be able to buy teams. We are very excited about this tournament because I think we are taking it up a notch on the domestic scene with this. Sudesh has been a wonderful supporter of cricket and has really shown great passion in helping in the development of citizens in this country.

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“He has been with me, foot-to-foot so far in staging tournaments and we have both seen the value in what we are doing. This project, however, is going to be massive and it is something that would capture the imagination of the cricketing public here in Trinidad.”

The committee is finalising the finer points of the tournament and all details will be made soon to the teams and the general public. Mangalie revealed that he has gotten together a number of professionals in varying fields to come in to form a board to take charge of this tournament and he is confident that success will be had from very early

“A tournament of this magnitude needs proper professionals to lead the charge and we have been able to get what we think is the right mix of people involved at this time to achieve the results we want.”