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RW 2018 | Rojo at the Spanish Court Hotel: An epicurean affair


Rojo at the Spanish Court Hotel is a chic restaurant located in the business district of New Kingston.

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Opened for eight years and counting, the restaurant transcends palates, creating the ultimate epicurean escape. Rojo takes you on a luxurious dining excursion in a welcoming and relaxing environment of pristine perfection.

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Priding themselves on providing exquisite taste, delectable dishes like their signature chicken rojo and sweet potato crusted snapper are all you need to tantalise your gastronomic experience.

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The featured dish, pan-seared beef with Alaskan crab legs, is not a dish you can find on their daily menu. They saw Restaurant Week as an opportunity to showcase what they’re known for, good food, as well as give food lovers the element of surprise with partaking of something new.

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“We have a great team, so without the efforts of different members, we wouldn’t have this great production. It is really an orchestrated production, since they have to create the epicurean affair, be very descriptive and engaging, make deci-sions quickly on their feet, and deliver mind-blowing flavour. The culinary story starts out by carrying customers on this journey to see why these items were chosen, appreciate the reason for their selection, and then ends with a the happily ever after to savour,” said Reservation Manager of The Spanish Court Hotel, Andres Cope.

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Rojo at Spanish Court Hotel at 1 St Lucia Avenue,

Kingston 5


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