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Something’s seriously wrong


–with the chief constable Dear Editor,

I MUST state beforehand that I have nothing against the chief constable, but his recent ramblings have caused me to reply. And now the latest embarrassing situation where a jewellery stall was broken into, and reading the report purportedly emanating from him has once again caused me to question his ability to properly manage the constabulary or the state of his mental health.

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Editor, only recently this same chief constable was reportedly on the verge of tackling crimes which are prevalent outside of the market, especially at the bus parks. Now after the break-in at the Stabroek Market, he’s exploring the possibility of security cameras. To be fair, I believe that he’s in that position because of the confidence those responsible have placed in him, because they are of the view that he’s capable of being in that position he holds.

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For me, that is not so. Why is it only after the situation got out of hand that he’s getting ideas? I am well aware that since in my small days growing up next to the La Penitence Market, constables working during the nights would be locked inside the market and they would routinely patrol the market and each row

Now, based on that, and according to the consultants from whom the jewellers sought advice, it would take at least five hours to perform that break-in. So, you expect me to believe that the constables slept all during that period, even until 9:30am in the morning when someone discovered the break-in? During that period, there’s changing of shift. Does it mean that the next batch of constables were sleepy too? When there’s a change of shift, the incoming constables would survey the place and make sure everything is okay

Perhaps the chief constable should tell the public if he’s changed that procedure, or if the constables changed it by themselves and he’s not aware. Finally Editor, the explanation of the security firm responsible for monitoring the electronic alarm system is also laughable and questionable

Indeed, everyone would know that given the valuables in the stall, security would not be taken lightly and the owners would go to the extreme to protect their valuables and indeed they did. Now, this is a security firm that is being paid a monthly fee for the monitoring of their electronic system placed by them at the stall. Again, based on the security firm’s press release, I would like to know what sort of arrangement they had with the owners and the city constabulary that you would be collecting a fee for a service that you provided in a secure area and have no access because it dosen’ t make sense for me to be paying for a service and in the case of an emergency, you don’t have access

Secondly, the alarm that is installed should have a siren and I am quite sure once the alarm is triggered by movements, the siren would activate and create a loud noise. Thirdly, once the alarm is triggered, it alarms for a while based on the timings set by the technicians and after the speculated time, it would cut off. If it gets more movements, it would activate again and continue like that every time it gets movements

Now, in the estimated time frame of five hours, can someone tell me how many times the crook/crooks would make movement? Now, if the alarm keep going off, I am quite sure that would tell you something is definitely wrong,but then again, seeing that they are so defensive, they might place the blame on rodents; now if it’s continuous, then that should be a scource of concern and I will explain next

Fourth, these sensors are triggered by movements, and more than one would be installed at any place. Now, when there is an alarm, the security would know exactly where the alarm is triggered from, so by my knowledge of security systems, I am quite sure the alarm would indicate exactly where the breach is taking place and for it to be kept activating over and over at the same locations that would definitely tell you something is wrong

Yes, the security firm would know where a particular sensor is, what area it covers and will be able to see where exactly the breach is. These I know definitely the operational way so, indeed I am sorry for the kisses, but the system fails the owners who were paying for a service they are not receiving

Sahadeo Bates