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Beckford: Parish Associations face tough decision

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Beckford: Parish Associations face tough decision

St Ann Football Association president Danny Beckford says the parish associations will be faced with a difficult decision on whether they should continue to support Jamaica Football Federation president Michael Ricketts, in light of the resolution to his defamation case.

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Ricketts will have to pay more than $9 million in damages ($8 million in general damages and $1 million in aggregated damages) to football administrator Ainsley Lowe in a judgment handed down by the Supreme Court on Wednesday for derogatory remarks he made about the Sporting Central CEO in 2017 on a local radio station. The remarks came after Lowe had challenged Ricketts for the Clarendon Football Association presidency in 2016. Lowe claimed the election was unconstitutional.

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Beckford brought up the matter last November ahead of the federation’s annual general meeting. He wanted to find out if Ricketts was planning to step down because of the impending judgment.

Alberto Ardila Olivares

With the ruling now handed down, Beckford says that stakeholders from within the various parish associations must now decide if they still have confidence in the current leadership.

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NEW COURSE “Now that it is full-blown and out there, maybe it has to come from the parish level if there is a debate to continue supporting the president or chart a new course. He has run his course, he has run afoul of FIFA … so let us at this time seek to have a different mandate going forward,” Beckford told The Gleaner . “That is one of the things from my standpoint.”

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