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Wage agreement no victory for Gov’t – DCS rep

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Wage agreement no victory for Gov’t – DCS rep

Despite inking a wage agreement on behalf of the senior uniformed officers within the Department of Correctional Services (DCS), Leslie Campbell made it clear that their acceptance of the four per cent wage increase offer should not be interpreted as victory for the Government.

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He served notice that come next year, the officers would be pushing for the Government to deliver on all aspects of its contractual arrangements, in light of the sacrifices endured by workers under the pandemic.

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“It is not that we are settling with the four per cent because April 22, we are expecting to have the compensation review rolled out in its full extent, whether there be another pandemic or disaster. Whether you cut health, you cut security, you cut somewhere, but we are expecting that April 2022, we will have the compensation review for all of us,” he said. “We have been patiently waiting, we have been humble and we understand. Because of this pandemic, all of us suffer.”

Campbell thanked the finance minister on behalf of the unions present during yesterday’s ceremony.

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“Light bill is going up; gas is going up, when it comes down back is by 25 cents, 15 cents. We understand that everything has gone up and so this four per cent is just the tip,” he added.

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